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Europe's leading distributor of Cat Flaps and Dog Doors.

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About Superior Pet Doors

Superior Pet Doors was founded when we realised that there was no major retailer who specialised in the exclusive sales of Pet Flaps, Pet Flap accessories and spare parts from all the major Pet Flap manufacturers.

You can easily buy from the major manufacturers, however, if you are specifically looking for a place to browse recommendations, then it is a minefield out there! Our site is the only place on the internet where you can browse between all the major retailers and even retailers that usually only sell to trade are available on this site.

Suppliers Of All The Leading Brands

We appreciate that you may have an idea of what you want, but unless you know exactly what you want then it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Other large online retailers do offer various pet flaps; however, you cannot be sure that they have the knowledge to back up their listings. These sites generally only offer pet flaps from one or two manufacturers, we can offer from eight major pet flap manufacturers!

We have worked in the industry for several years, developing a good relationship with all the major manufacturers so that we can now bring all the major Pet Flap manufacturers listing under one retail site. We have exclusive UK rights to several manufacturers and our customer service team are extremely knowledgeable in assisting in finding the most suitable pet flap for your requirements.

We have tried to be as informative as possible in our listings so that it makes it easy to decide on the best pet flap for your requirements.

Cat Flaps and Dog Doors for all Shapes and Sizes.

Whatever your requirements, Superior Pet Doors is sure to be able to meet your needs.

Be it a simple 4 -way locking cat flap to let Miss Tibbs out to the garden, the wi-fi app controlled SureFlap Connect Pet Door for big cats and even little dogs all the way up to the top of the range Tomsgates, PlexiDors and the world-beating High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors - Superior Pet Doors has them all.

Call us on 0207 846 9284