Beautiful and Durable Wooden Cat Flaps and Dog Doors.

Wooden Cat Flaps And Dog Doors

‘Durable, beautiful’ doors for cats and dogs, made from wood and for fitting in doors and walls. In grey or ‘white’ oil finish or natural for finishing in any colour. Various sizes from small cat to large dog.

Bespoke custom made pet doors are also available. Quiet in operation with no ‘flapping’ sound and draught proof and well insulated. An absolute ‘must-have’ choice if style and elegance is your preference.

Entertaining and easy to navigate website. We at Superior Pet Doors deal with the proprietor personally.

  • Insulated, wind and rainproof

  • Safe and inconspicuous

  • Quiet, no loud noises

  • Simple installation

Cat Flaps For All Size Cats And Small Dogs

The Nipper is suitable for all cat sizes (and small dogs too), and is suitable for practically all types of installation. The unique design of these hand made wooden pet flaps makes them close silently, weatherproof and look more like vents than your average cat flap! The Nipper can be installed into glass doors and windows, walls and most other kinds of doors.

Available in 4 other sizes for those suitable for smaller cats to extra large dogs.

Call us on 0207 846 9284

Wooden Dog Doors For All Sizes

Tomsgates are the only solution for the installation of a large dog door into a glass door or window. These dog doors can also be installed into walls and other kind of doors. The inside of the Dog Doors have a 2 cm thick closing door complete with steel locks, making them inconspicuous and safe.

Available in 4 sizes for dogs, they can be made bespoke for even the smallest Teacup Chihuahua or for the largest of Great Danes.

Our recommended range of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors can be installed in windows, double-glazing, wooden doors and walls.

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