What We Offer

Cat Flaps and Dog Doors from all the Major Manufacturers.

A dedicated trade sales team

We offer pet flaps from all the major manufacturers – SureFlap, PetSafe, Pet-Tek, High Tech Pet, Tomsgates, Closer Pets, StayWell, PlexiDor and OnlyCat (from December 2023). Nowhere else offers the range that we can as we are exclusive UK retailers for High Tech Pet, Tomsgates and OnlyCat.

We have a dedicated trade sales team for those in the industry – if you are a glazing company or pet flap installer, please do contact us to discuss purchasing in bulk at a discounted rate. Please email customer@superiorpetdoors.com or fill out an enquiry form for further information regarding this opportunity.

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Very profitable Installation

We own the UK arm of Pet-Tek and so are the UK major retailer for Pet-Tek products and spare parts as we purchased the UK arm of the business in 2023.
This enables us to offer a great opportunity to trade accounts for products that were previously very difficult to get hold of in the UK. This includes the very popular Glass fitting Maxi Dual Glaze cat flap in clear, white, and black, Glass fitting Intermediate pet flap in clear and Glass fitting Medium Dog Door in Clear and White. These pet flaps are the slimmest on the market and are suitable for installations into most sliding patio doors and sash windows, making them a very profitable and unique opportunity for an installation company to be able offer.