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SureFlap Cat Connect with Hub Manual -

This is a Wi-Fi enabled Selective Exit Microchip cat flap suitable for Small to Medium cats upto 5kg which features DualScan Technology. With the help of the Hub attached to your Wi-Fi, this cat flap allows you to remotely control the cat flap whilst you are away from the property via an app on your phone – meaning that you have the peace of mind that your cat can use the cat flap freely (during permitted hours) whilst having the knowledge that it is only your cats are able to use the cat flap.

Benefitting from being a Universal installation cat flap (can be installed into most types of doors, glass, and walls) with the right installation accessories.

You can set individual pet profiles so that indoor cats cannot use the cat flap to leave the property, but it does not affect the other cats in the house. Meaning that this is a great cat flap for multi-cat households.

If you have another Sure Flap Connect product (such as an automatic feeder) this can use the same Hub as the cat flap. If you already have a Hub, please do contact us and we can provide you with an option to purchase the Cat Connect on its own as a standalone product. (This cat flap will not work properly without being connected to the Hub and so we do not sell the cat flaps individually via the website to prevent this problem from occurring).

Flap Opening Dimensions (size your pet will have to use)

14.2cm wide by 12cm high

Overall size of cat flap 

21cm wide by 21cm high


  • Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan technology.
  • Wi-Fi technology allows you to know exactly whether your cat is in or out at a quick glance and how often they have used the cat flap.
  • Prevents intruder animals entering your home, including added protection against predators such as foxes (and even raccoons!).
  • Simple programming via the Sure Petcare App – it’s easy to change your cats’ permissions at any time.
  • Stores up to 32 pet identities in memory. Remembers all registered cats even when the batteries have been removed.
  • Works with all common identification microchips & RFID collar tags (not included). View microchip compatibility checker on the manufacturer’s website for peace of mind.
  • When your pet interacts with the cat flap, you will be sent a notification via the app on your phone.
  • You can remotely control when your pets are allowed the leave the property by overriding the access using the Sure PetCare App on your phone.
  • 3-year warranty

Installation into Glass

For installation into Glass, you will need to purchase the corresponding colour Mounting Adaptor. Holes made in glass are circular for strength and therefore a round hole adaptor will be required by your glazier to fit. This cat flap is too deep to be installed into sliding patio doors without inhibiting the ability to open the door fully.

If you have a sliding patio door, please contact us so that we can advise on suitable pet flaps for your needs. 

Installation into Walls

For installation through a wall, you will need to purchase the corresponding colour Mounting Adaptor and enough tunnel extenders to span the depth of the wall plus an additional tunnel extender to give a lip for the cat to use as a step into the tunnel.

The tunnels are fixed securely to the mounting adaptor plate internally and externally to provide a safe tunnel for the pet to use whilst also protecting the wall from the weather. It is recommended that a silicone sealant is used to secure the adaptor to the wall to make the weatherproof seal. 

Installation into doors

Most doors do not have any metal within them that may affect the mechanism, however, if your door is Composite or Metal lined, you will need to purchase the Mounting Adaptor as this stops the mechanism from being scrambled by the presence of metal within the door. 


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