Dog Doors, Cat Flaps, Collars And Tunnels

Installation Made Easy

A Wide Range Of Pet Doors

High Tech Pet offers a variety of dog doors, cat doors, patio pet doors, automatic and electronic pet doors, pet screen doors and every other imaginable door for your dog or cat. This includes specialty products such as window sash doors, dual pane sliding glass patio door inserts and dual flap doors for extreme “ruff“ weather.

Superior Pet Doors are proud to be the exclusive UK and European Agents for High Tech Pet, The World’s first Fully Automatic Pet Doors. Suitable for all sizes and breeds the High Tech Pet range includes the world beating Wi-Fi and App controlled Power Pet Doors. Call us today for more info and to arrange your personal import from the USA.

  • Diverse range of pet doors

  • Specialty doors for extreme weather

  • World's first fully automatic pet doors

  • Automatic and electronic options available

  • Superior Pet Doors is exclusive agent

  • Wi-Fi and App controlled options

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Smart Pet Door Solutions

Hi Tech Pet Power Pet Doors

Hi Tech Pet Power Pet Doors are electronically operated with a unique portcullis-style opening. These doors are great for pets who don’t like to push through pet flaps or are getting older. Access is controlled using RFID technology with a comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable collar.

Safe, Wind And Weather-Proof

These fully automatic Pet Doors prevent any unwanted animals from entering your home as they only open with a collar, there is an automatic dead bolt locking feature which adds some extra security you can’t find elsewhere, and an airtight sealing system making it fully wind and weather-proof.

  • Electronic operation

  • RFID technology for access

  • Prevents unwanted animals

  • Unique portcullis-style opening

  • Collar is comfortable and adjustable

  • Automatic dead bolt locking

Durable And Secure Pet Access

Heavy Duty Armor Flex Pet Doors

The Armor Flex Pet Door has an airtight flap, locking security panel and heavy duty aluminium frame providing the highest level of weather resistance. This pet flap has an easy installation and offers the best energy efficiency. The doors are finished with an industrial powder coat that will keep it looking good and working for years.

  • Airtight flap

  • Heavy duty aluminum frame

  • Energy efficient

  • Locking security panel

  • Easy installation

  • Durable powder coat