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Smart Doors

Stuck at work? Busy making dinner? SmartDoor Connected Pet Door ensures your pet’s play and toilet breaks stay intact no matter where you are. This app enabled pet door is perfect for the whole fur-family, giving your cat or dog their own personal entrance and exit. Meanwhile, you’ll have full control over the SmartDoor with the My PetSafe® app, where you can manage schedules, get notifications and remotely control the pet door through your phone. The SmartDoor comes with a Pet Door Key that attaches to your pet’s existing collar, giving them exclusive access through the door. Multi-pet households can purchase extra Pet Door Keys. Let them outside, run around the backyard and take care of business without having to open the door for them. The Medium SmartDoor can also pair with microchips, giving cats keyless entry! Pets and animals without a key or microchip can’t enter, keeping unwanted visitors out of your home. SmartDoor offers a balance of freedom for your pets and peace of mind for you.

Pet Doors

Extreme Weather Range

The perfect door for extreme climates. The 3-flap pet door protects your home from extreme temperatures while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. This well-designed door delivers maximum energy efficiency that’s 3-½ times higher than standard single-flap pet doors.

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Dog Doors

Medium Dog Doors

The Extreme Weather Pet Door has a durable plastic frame and a 3-flap system with a snap-on closing panel for added insulation. The PetSafe Extreme Weather is the more energy efficient than most dog doors as it comprises of three flaps and additional insulation. This door is built to last, available in three sizes - small. medium and large.

Dog Doors

Large Dog Doors

PetSafe offers dog doors that are suitable for most dogs up to 45kg or 100lbs.

The SmartDoor Connected range features WiFi Technology allowing you to control the dog door via an app on your phone. You can switch from smart mode to standard mode at a push of a button making it ideal for those doggy playdates so that everyone gets to use the dog door!