PlexiDor Wall Series Extra Large Bronze PD WALL XL BR

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PlexiDor Wall Series Extra Large Bronze

Product Description 

The PlexiDor Wall Series pet door is the perfect option when access outside is not available through an exterior door. The Wall Series can be installed through a wall that will allow your pet access to the garden.

Small – Suitable for Dogs up to 4kg or Cats up to 11 kg

Medium – Suitable for Dogs up to 18 kg

Large – Suitable for Dogs up to 45 kg

X Large – Suitable for Dogs up to100kg

Interior and exterior frame, lock, two keys, steel security plate, aluminium tunnel pieces, hardware and installation instructions. Includes 10-year residential warranty.

PlexiDor Wall Series: Features and Benefits

The PlexiDor Wall Series pet door is the perfect option when access outside is not available through an exterior door. The Wall Series can be installed through a wall that will allow your pet access to garden.


PlexiDor Wall Series: Features and Benefits

  • Replacement flaps are a thing of the past
  • Perfect option when access outside is not available through an exterior door
  • Install through stud, brick, block or cement exterior walls up to 30.5 cm thick
  • Shatter resistant saloon-style door panels give durability and insulation
  • High-density  nylon weather seal on our thermo-pane panels provide maximum energy efficiency
  • 10-year residential warranty
  • 90-day money back guarantee

Your family and your pet will enjoy the peace-of-mind and freedom a PlexiDor will provide. Peace-of-mind that you have bought a quality pet door with a 10 year warranty and freedom for your pet to have safe and easy access to the outdoors. In addition, your pet will enjoy the added benefits of health and exercise. Your pet will love the freedom to relieve themselves when they need to, while you are out at work during the day or without interruption in the evening when you are at home relaxing.

Choose the Size for Your Breed – Both the PlexiDor Door Series and Wall Series pet doors are available in four sizes: Small (SM), Medium (MD), Large (LG) and Extra Large (XL)*. There is a size door for every breed. Refer to the PlexiDor Size Chart in “Measuring Your Pet” in the Support section for more information.

Select a Frame Colour – Choose from three beautiful and long-lasting finishes for your frame: Silver, White or Bronze. The Silver frame is anodised. The White and Bronze frames feature baked-on powder coating; similar to the appliances in your home. View the PlexiDor Colour Swatches to see details.

The PlexiDor Wall Series pet door can be installed through stud, brick, block or cement exterior walls up to 30.5 cm** thick. Included in each wall unit is an aluminium tunnel kit which connects the interior and exterior frames. The tunnel materials ensure a professional fit and finish and provides a quality appearance for your home. The bottom section of the wall tunnel has a slight downward slope to prevent water from entering your home. The tunnel has no sharp edges, will not rust, and is easy to keep clean.


Small – Opening 165mm W X 184mm H; Cut Hole 216mm W X 257mm H; Overall 254mm W X 305mm H.

Medium – Opening 229mm W X 305mm H; Cut Hole 292mm W X 387mm H; Overall 349mm W X 445mm H.

Large – Opening 298mm W x 406mm H; Cut Hole 362mm W X 483mm H; Overall 419mm W X 540mm H.

XL – Opening 406mm W X 603mm H; Cut Hole 457mm W X 673mm W; Overall 521mm W X 730mm H.

Your pet will gain the freedom to go outside whenever he or she wishes. The convenience for you and your pet and the peace-of-mind from knowing you have opened the outside to them for exercise and enjoyment are the true benefits.

PlexiDor Pet Doors have been manufactured at their facility in Bradenton, Florida since 1985. Their product development team has always worked closely with extreme users to engineer a tough, safe, energy efficient and sturdy product. PlexiDor Pet Doors are manufactured to provide years of trouble-free use and feature a 10 Year Warranty.

*XL PlexiDor Wall Units are not stock items so need to be ordered in from the US manufacturers. The lead time is normally 28-42 days.

**For walls thicker than 30.5 cm we can supply tunnel pieces up to fit walls up to 61 cm as a special order, with a lead time of around 28-42 days. Please call for prices.

Energy Efficiency door 1 Installing a PlexiDor keeps the heating and cooling inside your home!
Opens fast, closes tight!
Energy Efficiency door 2
Energy Efficiency door
Opening a Standard sized household door allows energy to escape
Energy Efficiency door

Installing a PlexiDor Performance Pet Door into your home could save you as much as 10% off your energy bill.

Each time you open the door to let your dog out, your
HEATING and COOLING escapes.

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