PlexiDor Pet Door Awning Large/Extra Large Bronze AWNING LG/XL BR

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PlexiDor Pet Door Awning Large/Extra Large Bronze AWNING LG/XL BR

Dog Door Awning: Features and Benefits

The pet door awnings are made from durable aluminium with a baked-on finish. They are available in white or bronze, and make a perfect accessory for all PlexiDor pet doors. 

Mounting screws included.

Don’t let snow or rain come in when your pet goes out!
Reduce the wind on your pet door.

Please ensure that you measure the available space outside if you are planning on fitting this to a door. The depth and width of the awning may obstruct the movement of your door or prevent it from opening fully, if it opens outwards. The dimensions are:

Small – 30.5 cm wide by 20.3 cm deep

Medium – 40.6 cm wide by 30.5 cm deep

Large/ XL – 59 cm wide by 42.2 cm deep 

* PLEASE NOTE* These are NOT stock items and as such are special orders from the manufacturers. The lead time for these is around 28 – 42 days.

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