High Tech Pet WiFi Controlled Power Pet Door Medium PX1-WiFi

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Closer Pets Rotary 4-Way Cat Flap Dark Grey CP358G

Closer Pets Rotary 4-Way Cat Flap Dark Grey CP358G

High Tech Pet Power Pet Door Manual https://tinyurl.com/bdcuxsfd

High Tech Pet Powet Pet Door Manual for phone App https://tinyurl.com/23frp8d8


High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors are Wi-Fi enabled, fully automatic, electronic pet doors. The smallest size is the medium. This is suitable for cats and dogs up to a 30lb weight (13.5 kg).

****We have exclusive rights and are the only retailer where you can purchase the Glass Adaptor in the entire World!****

The motorised door mechanism moves upwards on tracks to allow the pet to walk through the opening rather than having a hinged door above the pet (most pet flaps operate on a swinging flap mechanism). This makes these pet doors ideal for pets who do not like to/or cannot push a flap to open it.

The collar transmitter emits a signal when the pet approaches the pet door and when it is in range this unlocks the pet door. The door only unlocks for the animal wearing the collar transmitter and the intelligence within the door recognises if the animal has decided to stop next to the pet door – meaning that if the pet decides to sleep next to the Power Pet door, it won’t constantly open and close! You can programme the range via the app and each pet that uses the Power Pet door will require their own collar with transmitter. The transmitter is small enough that it can be comfortably worn by a cat, but the signal is strong enough to activate the door to open quickly when needed.

Safety functions within the door also do not allow the door to close on top of the animal, meaning that your pet is always safe. The automatic retract function feature causes the panel to instantly retract if it encounters an obstruction during closure.

Once your pet has moved through the opening fully, the door panel will close. If the collar transmitter signal is detected within range of the pet door, it will remain open and will only then close once the signal is far enough away that the pet is out of way of the door. This is great for slower moving pets as the door is intelligent enough to sense when it is time to close.

The Door panel of the Pet Door weighs less than 2lbs and gravity is what assists the closing of the door rather than being a heavy motorised door normally associated with electronic pet flaps.

There is a standard version of the Power Pet door which is not Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via a panel on the door rather than an app on your phone. Please contact us if you are interested in this model and we can arrange for you to purchase as we do not stock the standard non-Wi-Fi version via our website to prevent instances of an incorrect pet door being ordered.

These pet doors are manufactured in California and are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. All dimensions within this description are in inches.


  • Full Power, Motorized Operation
  • Smart Phone Wi-Fi Control via dedicated App on your phone
  • Pet Activated by the MS-5 Deluxe ultrasonic collar transmitter.
  • Directional Sensor System
  • Mains Adapter (AC) recommended or Optional Battery Operation if no socket nearby
  • 4-Way Access Control
  • Dual Range Controls
  • Automatic Dead Bolt Lock
  • Automatic Safety Retract System
  • Keeps Out Strays
  • Increases Home Security
  • Lowers Heating and Cooling Bills
  • Remotely control the pet door from anywhere via the App
  • Set up to 20 timers to control times for your pet to be able to come in and go out. 

Installation advice

These pet doors are usually best installed into doors or through walls using the wall tunnels.

Installation can be into glass – however, this can only be done using a specific adaptor plate manufactured exclusively for Superior Pets. You cannot get these adaptors anywhere else worldwide!

Please do bear in mind that these are taller than average pet doors that require clearance above to allow the pet door mechanism to move upwards on their runners. This may mean that you see the runners and back of the mechanism from the outside looking inwards especially in doors or shorter walls.

If you have a socket that is within 1 metre of the installation location, then you would not need to buy the battery charger kit. The battery charger kit has 2 rechargeable batteries to power the pet door so in theory whilst one is powering the pet door, the other can be on charge so that you never have a situation where you do not have power for your pet door. 

The rugged collars are stronger, more durable, and waterproof than standard collars- quite crucial if you have pets that like to potter around puddles and take the odd swim or two! 

The transmitters are powered by exclusive button batteries, and these are available from us as we always keep stock of them, but we do recommend that you have at least one spare per collar. The average battery length is around 2-3 months depending on how frequently your pet uses the pet door. Batteries are available in packs of 2 or 6.


One Pet Transmitter Collar
220-240 volt AC Adapter (AC18V-1.5)
Pre-Fabricated Outside Frame
All Required Hardware

Unit Width: 12"
Unit Height: 28-5/8"
Pet Opening Width: 8-1/4"
Pet Opening Height: 10"
Depth: 2"
Ship Weight: 13lbs.
Ships Standard with Waterproof MS-5 Ultrasonic Collar

Accommodates Pets up to 30lbs.

Optional Items:
Wall Adapter Tunnel
Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charger Kit

Extra Transmitter Collars and collar batteries are sold separately

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