Closer Pets Microchip Cat Flap White CP360W

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Closer Pets Rotary 4-Way Cat Flap Black CP358BK

Closer Pets Rotary 4-Way Cat Flap Black CP358BK

Closer Pets Rotary 4-Way Cat Flap White CP358W

Closer Pets Rotary 4-Way Cat Flap White CP358W

Closer Pets Microchip Cat Flap CP360 Manual


Give your feline friends the best of both worlds with the Microchip Cat Flap – White. This smart cat door from Closer Pets operates using your cats’ unique microchips or a Pet Mate I.D. disc (available separately), allowing them to explore the great outdoors when they wish, and then return to their favourite cosy spot by the fireplace. It can cater for up to 30 cats, making it ideal for houses with lots of kitties! 

The easy-to-use rotary 4-way lock gives complete control over all your cats access to and from the house (no individual settings function - not dual scanning). In order to save battery, the Microchip Cat Flap only scans your pet and unlocks when your pet starts putting pressure on the flap.  Encourage your pets to push against the flap by putting treats on the rim and the other side of the tinted flap.The streamlined design maximises entrance opening space – providing easy, stress-free access for your cat.

Microchips are now compulsory for cats, so our range of microchip cat flaps are perfect for safely allowing your cats to adventure in the great outdoors

Key Features

  • Entry operated by your cat’s unique microchip or I.D. Disc, (not dual scanning - I.D. discs available separately)
  • Suitable for up to 30 cats (small to average size). Keeps other animals out
  • 4-way rotary lock: in and out, in only, out only or locked
  • Made from super-tough polymer
  • Draught- and weather-proof fully brush sealed flap with magnetic closure
  • Easy to programme, at the push of a single button.

Products Specifications 

  • Compatible with all common microchips (15 digit ISO)*
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries 
  • Installation: Single/multiple glazing, UPVC/metal door, wall, wooden door
  • Self-lining to 85mm (3 3/8”) thick – ideal for all doors including metal. Easily fitted to walls or glass panels with white Apdater Kit (361W). Metal panels over 35mm thick also require white Metal Adaptor Kit (387).
  • Overall size: width 197mm (7 3/4”), height 246mm (9 11/16”)
  • Cut-out size: width 173mm (6 7/8”), height 198mm (7 3/4”), flap opening size: 145mm width 145mm height
  • 3-year guarantee. 
  • If you need to go through a wall or partition - white Elite Wall Liners (308W) are available separately to create a tunnel. 

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