Pet-Tek saving UK Glaziers time and money with easy-to-fit high quality Pet Doors

Pet-Tek saving UK Glaziers time and money with easy-to-fit high quality Pet Doors

Installers and glaziers throughout the UK are really appreciating Pet-Tek’s range of high quality pet doors. The Catwalk and Dogwalk glass fitting pet doors are quick and easy to install, as they can be fitted to round glass cut-outs rather than more complicated and time consuming square cut-out methods. This means installers and glaziers complete the installation quicker and easier, saving them time and money.

The G-SDD glass fitted cat door for large cats and small dogs, and the G-DD glass fitted dog door for small to medium dogs are very popular products from the glass fitted range. The new G-DD glass fitting Dogwalk dog door is the first door of its type, it suits glass panels from 3mm-32mm making it suitable for single and double glazing. It has the added feature of the flap being able to swing much higher, which takes the stress away from the hinge and the flap. The Pet-Tek G-SDD glass fitting Catwalk cat doors have been designed to suit single glazing, double glazing and sliding patio windows. They are available in clear and white and have the added advantage large flap openings.



Steven King, Managing Director, Pet-Tek comments:

“We’ve seen a healthy increase in enquiries since launching the G-SDD and G-DD pet doors for glass applications, we designed these products to be durable and stand the test of time, but also to make life for the glazier and installer much easier, and to save them a few pounds too!”

All Pet-Tek glass fitting models require a round cut out which makes it much easier for glaziers to install, saving time and money.

The Pet-Tek range of resilient polycarbonate construction cat doors and dog doors help eliminate problems commonly associated with pet doors, such as broken flaps and locking dials, rusting screws, too small a flap for the average cat, whilst maintaining focus of product appeal and reliability. All Pet-Tek products feature weather seals to eliminate draughts and quiet closing with a smooth quiet open/close action. The pet flaps also feature a four-way locking system (in, out, in/out, and locked) to control pet access. All Pet-Tek products have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Pet-Tek pet doors


Pet-Tek has a large variety of pet doors to suit a range of applications, door styles and sizes, whether it is to be installed on wood, plastic, metal or glass. All pet sizes are catered for, from small to large. Pet-Tek cat and dog doors are extremely simple to install, they look attractive and provide added value on project installations for glass door installing businesses.