PetSafe® SmartDoor Connected Pet Door Large ZPA19-17253

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SureFlap Cat Connect with Hub Cat Flap iDSCFWTB1

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Closer Pets Rotary 4-Way Cat Flap Dark Grey CP358G

PetSafe SmartDoor Connected Quick Start Manual -

PetSafe SmartDoor Connected range         
Door Sizing Chart Pet Size Flap opening Frame Dimensions Cut-Out
Medium up to 25lbs / 11.5kg 180mm by 198mm 274mm by 363mm Non-metal door 216mm by 264mm Metal Door 246mm by 323mm 
Large up to 100lbs / 45kg 302mm by 409mm 419mm by 587mm Non-metal door 355mm by 485mm Metal Door 376mm by 546mm 
Accessory Checklist
Installation Type Installation Adaptor Tunnel Extension Glass cut out size for Medium 380mm 
Non Metal Door upto 5.7cm no no
Non Metal Door over 5.7cm no yes
Double Glazing/Triple Glazing upto 4.4cm (Medium sized only) yes no
Metal/Composite Door upto 4.4cm yes no
Metal/Composite Door over 4.4cm yes yes
Wall Installations yes yes
Collar Key Sizes Compatible With Medium SmartDoor Compatible with Large SmartDoor
Small yes no
Medium yes yes
Large yes yes


Stuck at work? Busy making dinner? SmartDoor Connected Pet Door ensures your pet’s play and toilet breaks stay intact no matter where you are. This app enabled pet door is perfect for the whole fur-family, giving your cat or dog their own personal entrance and exit. Meanwhile, you’ll have full control over the SmartDoor with the My PetSafe® app, where you can manage schedules, get notifications and remotely control the pet door through your phone. The SmartDoor comes with a Pet Door Key that attaches to your pet’s existing collar, giving them exclusive access through the door. Multi-pet households can purchase extra Pet Door Keys. Let them outside, run around the backyard and take care of business without having to open the door for them. The Medium SmartDoor can also pair with microchips, giving cats keyless entry! Pets and animals without a key or microchip can’t enter, keeping unwanted visitors out of your home. SmartDoor offers a balance of freedom for your pets and peace of mind for you.

Microchip feature only works for cats and with the Medium SmartDoor; It is compatible with FDX-B/15 Digit, FDX-A/10 Digit, AVID H, and AVID Encrypted/9 or 15 Digit microchips

As a pet parent, you may want to set a curfew for your little one. Through the My PetSafe® app, you’ll be able to set individual schedules for your pets that give them access through the door at specific times. Notifications will keep you updated on your pet’s whereabouts, pinging you on your phone or smartwatch. Get notified when your pets use the door, when it’s locked and more. If you notice a storm rolling through town, use your phone to remotely activate the multi-point lock on the flap to keep your dog or cat safe and sound inside The pet door flap’s dynamic weather sealing is energy efficient and keeps the elements and airflow where they belong – outside. SmartDoor’s pet door flap is built with durable plastic and tinted for privacy, keeping critters’ curious eyes out of your business. The SmartDoor Connected Pet Door comes in 2 different sizes, Medium and Large. It is powered by batteries or a Wall Adaptor (sold separately) and requires a high-speed Wi-Fi connection with 2.4 GHz capabilities. Installation of the SmartDoor is a perfect weekend project with a friend. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Key Features

  • Control Through Your Phone – App enabled pet door that gives your pets the freedom to come and go
  • Only Opens For Your Pets – Selective entry and exit let you decide when and which pets can use the pet door, keeping wildlife out
  • Set Custom Schedules – Create or change multiple schedules for each pet to maintain their daily routines
  • Lock From Anywhere – Remotely lock and unlock your SmartDoor through the My PetSafe® app
  • Smartphone Notifications – Receive notifications when your pets use the door, updates on your SmartDoor lock and battery status, and more
  • Safe and Energy Efficient – The pet door flap’s dynamic weather sealing and multi-point locking mechanism makes this an energy efficient and safe option
  • Medium Pet Door Key: The Medium SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door comes with a Medium Pet Door Key and can pair with your cat’s microchip 
  • Large Pet Door Key: The Large SmartDoor Connected Pet Door comes with a Large Pet Door Key
  • Guided Training – Training guide and video will have your dog or cat using the SmartDoor without assistance in as little as 4 to 6 weeks

System Includes

  • Interior frame
  • Exterior Frame
  • Medium SmartDoor Connected Pet Door comes with 1 Medium Pet Door Key
  • Large SmartDoor Connected Pet Door comes with 1 Large Pet Door Key
  • Cutting Templates for non-metal and metal doors
  • 1 Foam Spacer
  • Installation Guide
  • Pet Training Guide
  • Screws
  • Blanking Plugs

Due to the unique shape of the hole required, this pet flap is not suitable for installations into glass. 


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